The State of Washington, DC’s Housing Market at the Start of Fall 2017


Mohsen Grayeli

Mohsen Grayeli owns and serves as president of ASAP LLC, a holding company active in multiple areas of real estate, including residential investment. As a real estate investor, Mohsen Grayeli has overseen the remodeling or rebuilding of 22 Greater Washington, DC, homes since 2000.

In terms of housing, Washington, DC, remains a seller’s market, according to an article published in the Washington Post on September 29, 2017. As stated in the article, year-over-year home sales have risen in the district by 8.3 percent, while properties have, in most cases, sold quickly, typically between one and 10 days. At the close of August, this fast rate of sale has contributed to Washington, DC, having only a 1.6-month supply of homes, compared with the five- to six-month supply seen in a balanced market.

While sellers still have an advantage in the district’s housing market, there are indications that buyers may begin to enjoy a stronger position. From January to the end of August, median sales prices rose by only 1 percent versus the same period in 2016. This relative lack of price appreciation has led buyers to realize that they likely need not worry about the housing market pricing them out. As a result, some are willing to be patient as they look for good home values.


Le’Veon Bell Signs Franchise Tender with Pittsburgh Steelers

 Le'Veon Bell pic

Le’Veon Bell

As owner and president of ASAP, LLC, Mohsen Grayeli oversees all business aspects of the real estate holding and project development company. When he isn’t seeking out potential properties to renovate, Mohsen Grayeli enjoys following his favorite National Football League (NFL) team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

With just under a week to play before the team’s first game of the 2017 regular season, Le’Veon Bell signed a one-year, $12.1 million franchise tender offer with the Steelers on September 4. The running back sat out the team’s training camp, but both parties cited no hard feelings, acknowledging the business aspect of football.

The Steelers couldn’t come to a long-term contract agreement with Bell this offseason, but instead placed its franchise tag on him, meaning he would remain under contract for another season. Given those circumstances, Bell decided it would be best to avoid the physical demands of training camp as he didn’t want to risk suffering an injury and jeopardizing a potential massive payday next offseason. He’s certainly worth it; last year alone, Bell scored nine touchdowns and averaged 157 total yards per game, which ranks third all-time among running backs. Through four seasons with the team, the Michigan State alumnus has accumulated over 6,000 combined rushing and receiving yards as well as 31 touchdowns.

What A Remodeling Contract Should Contain


Mohsen Grayeli

An electrical engineering graduate from Gannon University, Mohsen Grayeli owns ASAP Construction Management, LLC, a holding company that invests in real estate remodeling services and manages projects for government clients. As president, Mohsen Grayeli takes responsibility for obtaining contracts for building renovation.

A building remodeling project must include a contract that clearly states the project description, payment terms, start and end dates, and changes or additions.

The project description outlines the estimated cost, materials and products, and all the work. It will include the details of anything to be demolished up through the reconstruction process. Permits and other important aspects of the project, such as compensation insurance, also may be discussed.

In addition to total project cost, the payment terms and schedule must be part of the contract. Payments may be set according to work milestones. The approximate start and dates also must be set. This allows both parties to understand when the project will start and to anticipate any delays caused by unavoidable circumstances such as weather interruptions.

Finally, the contract must indicate that any change or addition must be agreed upon by both parties before execution.

Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin Signs Two-Year Contract Extension

Mike Tomlin pic

Mike Tomlin

An experienced real estate investor and developer, Mohsen Grayeli oversees ASAP, LLC, in Washington, DC. In his free time, Mohsen Grayeli enjoys traveling, playing tennis, and reading. An avid football fan, he also enjoys attending Pittsburgh Steelers games.

The Pittsburgh Steelers organization and Mike Tomlin have agreed to a contract extension that will keep the 45-year-old head coach at the team’s helm through the 2020 season. Tomlin, who is entering his 11th season with the Steelers, was hired in 2007 and has since led the team to two Super Bowl appearances and five AFC North Division titles.

Under Tomlin’s leadership, the Steelers have maintained a 103-57 record over 10 seasons. In reaching the 100-win milestone, Tomlin became the third coach in Steelers history to do so and only the eighth head coach in NFL history to chalk up 100 regular-season wins in their first 10 seasons. He also holds the distinction of reaching 100 career wins more quickly than any previous Steelers coach.

Iranian Scholarship Foundation Encourages Student Applications

Iranian Scholarship Foundation pic

Iranian Scholarship Foundation

A graduate of Gannon University in Eerie, Pennsylvania, Mohsen Grayeli works as president of ASAP, LLC, in Washington, DC. A strong philanthropist in the Washington, DC, area, Mohsen Grayeli supports a variety of health care, arts, and civic organizations, including the Iranian Scholarship Foundation (ISF).

A nonprofit organization, the ISF gives scholarships to students of Iranian descent who live in the United States. These students exhibit stellar academic achievement, strong community involvement, and financial need. The organization hopes to help these students achieve their educational dreams while remaining tied to the community through their service.

To apply for the undergraduate scholarship, students must:

* Be enrolled in an accredited four-year university
* Be of Iranian descent
* Have a grade-point average of 3.5 or higher
* Achieve at least am 1850 SAT or 27 for ACT if applying as a high school student
* Participate in community service.

From there, they must complete an application and submit an IRS form stating they need financial assistance. Pertaining to academics, they need to give two letters of recommendation, transcripts from high school and undergraduate program if applicable, and an essay describing their aspirations for the future.

American Cancer Society to Fund Studies on Checkpoint Inhibitors


 American Cancer Society  pic

American Cancer Society

A Washington, DC-based real estate investment professional, Mohsen Grayeli serves as president of ASAP, LLC, a holding company he launched in 2003. Beyond his professional pursuits, Mohsen Grayeli gives back to the community by supporting several organizations, including the American Cancer Society (ACS).

In a recent press release, ACS announced that it has launched a partnership with the Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) to fund studies focused on minimizing the side effects associated with checkpoint inhibitors. A promising class of immunotherapy drugs, checkpoint inhibitors help trigger an immune response that sends the body’s T-cells to attack cancer cells. The drugs were first used to treat melanoma and have since been approved for use on cancer types affecting several areas of the body.

Although many patients experience few issues with checkpoint inhibitors, they have led to serious side effects and even death in others. Through the new partnership, ACS and MRA will fund pilot projects that aim to maximize checkpoint inhibitors’ effectiveness while minimizing their toxicity.

The organizations have committed a combined $2 million to fund one study at $1 million and five additional research projects at $200,000 each. ACS and MRA expect to award the first grants in spring 2018.

The Iranian Scholarship Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship