About Mohsen Grayeli

1404843863_IMG_4265Mohsen Grayeli is the owner and president of ASAP LLC, a holding company he established in 2003. ASAP LLC primarily invests in residential real estate and performs home remodeling services but has also expanded by providing project management services to the government. On a daily basis, Mohsen Grayeli seeks out and purchases properties that are consistent with the firm’s vision, often looking for short sales as well as in the open market. After purchase, he will consider what needs to be done to the house to make it more valuable, and after renovation, he will put the houses on the market for resale. Since 2000, he has rebuilt and remodeled more than 20 homes in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

Outside of work, Mohsen Grayeli is very involved in charitable efforts and prioritizes philanthropy. He has contributed to the Persian Cultural Center, Breast Cancer Common Foundation, and American Cancer Association. An avid traveler, he enjoys learning about different cultures and food while exploring natural wonders.


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