What A Remodeling Contract Should Contain


Mohsen Grayeli

An electrical engineering graduate from Gannon University, Mohsen Grayeli owns ASAP Construction Management, LLC, a holding company that invests in real estate remodeling services and manages projects for government clients. As president, Mohsen Grayeli takes responsibility for obtaining contracts for building renovation.

A building remodeling project must include a contract that clearly states the project description, payment terms, start and end dates, and changes or additions.

The project description outlines the estimated cost, materials and products, and all the work. It will include the details of anything to be demolished up through the reconstruction process. Permits and other important aspects of the project, such as compensation insurance, also may be discussed.

In addition to total project cost, the payment terms and schedule must be part of the contract. Payments may be set according to work milestones. The approximate start and dates also must be set. This allows both parties to understand when the project will start and to anticipate any delays caused by unavoidable circumstances such as weather interruptions.

Finally, the contract must indicate that any change or addition must be agreed upon by both parties before execution.