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Billy Joel Adds Multiple Stadium Shows to His 2017 Tour

Billy Joel pic

Billy Joel

Mohsen Grayeli is the owner and president of ASAP LLC, a holding company for investing in home remodeling services and residential real estate. Since starting the business in 2003, he has expanded his company’s scope to include government contracts. Outside of his professional life, Mohsen Grayeli says his favorite musician is Billy Joel.

Six-time Grammy winner Billy Joel has recently added seven additional stadium shows to his “Billy Joel in Concert” tour. The first addition will take the Piano Man to Cumberland, Georgia, on April 28, where he will perform for the first time at SunTrust Park, home of the Atlanta Braves. Not only is this Joel’s first concert at the venue, the show also marks the new stadium’s first-ever concert.

The additional dates also will see the veteran performer play for the first time at Los Angeles’ Dodgers Stadium in May. Additionally, Joel is scheduled to play at Cleveland’s Progressive Field, Target Field in Minneapolis, Chicago’s Wrigley Field, Fenway Park in Boston, and finally Philadelphia’s Citizen’s Bank. Joel will also hold his record-setting 41st show at Madison Square Garden in late May.

Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Stroke

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American Stroke Association

Since 2003, Mohsen Grayeli has served as owner and president of ASAP Construction Management, a home-remodeling and investment company based in Washington, D.C. In his private life, Mohsen Grayeli contributes to many charitable organizations, including the American Stroke Association (ASA).

The ASA website provides information on stroke risk factors and tips for prevention. The greatest risk factor is high blood pressure, sometimes called the “silent killer” because no warning symptoms accompany the damage it causes to blood vessels. It is easy to test for high blood pressure, and several steps can be taken to prevent and manage it.

The ASA recommends a healthy diet that is high in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and low in sodium and artificial sugars to reduce high blood pressure. Foods that are high in potassium, including bananas, apricots, and potatoes, help counteract the sodium in diets. In addition to adjusting diet to lower blood pressure, the ASA recommends avoiding smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, and exercising regularly to lessen the risk factors for stroke.

Awareness, prevention, and treatment for high blood pressure have significantly improved in recent years. Some research indicates the rate of fatal strokes has gone down, and this improvement could be due to improved awareness and efforts to make these helpful lifestyle changes.

Anal Cancer on the Rise Across the World

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Anal Cancer

During his tenure as president of ASAP, LLC, Mohsen Grayeli has spearheaded numerous government property renovations, including the Family Court of the District of Columbia Superior Court. In addition to his professional work, Mohsen Grayeli maintains an active role in supporting various charitable organizations, including the American Cancer Society.

A recent study by the American Cancer Society shows that the rate of anal cancer is increasing across the globe, with the rate seeing a jump in both male and female populations in 13 different countries. According to study researchers, the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination could serve as a helpful tool in the fight against the disease.

A rare form of the disease, anal cancer only affected about 27,000 people throughout the world in 2008. However, according to researchers that number is on the rise, especially in places such as the Americas, Northern and Western Europe, and Australia.

The leading researcher of this study, Farhad Islami, MD, PhD, surveyed data gathered by the Agency for Research on Cancer’s Cancer Incidence in Five Continents to determine the anal cancer rate across 18 different countries, with 13 showing a rate increase in a particular type of anal cancer known as anal squamous cell carcinoma (ASCC).

Islami says that his research indicates that ASCC rates could be increasing in these population due to a higher-than-usual rate of infection with HPV, which is typically found to be present in those diagnosed with ASCC. While the vaccine can protect an individual against HPV itself, researchers say that more study needs to be done to see if the vaccine has any direct preventative benefit against anal cancer.

Hot and Cold Food in Persian Cuisine

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Persian Cuisine

Currently the owner and president of real estate holding company ASAP, LLC, Mohsen Grayeli received his degree in electrical engineering from Gannon University. During his free time, Mohsen Grayeli enjoys different kinds of food from all over the world, with Persian being one of his favorite types of cuisine.

While Persian cuisine is regarded as ancient, it is also known to be cosmopolitan – a mixture of different cultures. Influences are varied, ranging from ancient Greece and Rome, to other Asian and Mediterranean cultures such as India and Turkey.

One of the main considerations in the preparation of Persian cuisine is the idea of hot and cold food. The classification varies depending on the region, however, some general rules exist. For example, animal fat, poultry, wheat, and sugar, as well as all dried vegetables and fruits are considered hot while beef, fish, rice, dairy products, and fresh fruits and vegetables are considered cold. The significance of these classifications come into play when planning for meals depending on the season, people’s preferences, or even the presence of illness. Moreover, hot foods are used to balance out cold foods and vice-versa.

Persian Cuisine – Festive Fesenjan and Beyond

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Mohsen Grayeli is a respected Washington, D.C., business executive who guides ASAP Construction Management, LLC, as president. An avid traveler, Mohsen Grayeli particularly enjoys sampling dishes in countries he travels to and considers Italian and Persian among his favorite cuisines.

Encompassing present day Iran, Persian cuisine is diverse and regionally defined, with wheat a basic ingredient and chicken, lamb, and yoghurt common. A unifying aspect is a sour flavor that comes through the addition of pomegranates and citrus fruits such as sour oranges and lemons.

One of the most distinctive Persian dishes is fesenjan, which is associated with wedding celebrations and involves a slow simmer of pomegranate paste, onions, and ground walnuts. With cinnamon and saffron added to the thick sauce, along with sugar as an acid balancer, fesenjan is typically served alongside duck or chicken.

Other popular Persian dishes include the tomato and eggplant stew bademjan, and ash-e reshteh, which combines beans and noodles with greens and herbs. The dish is topped with fermented whey, or kashk, which has a sour flavor similar to yoghurt.

ISF and the Momeni Family Foundation Scholarships

Iranian Scholarship Foundation pic

Iranian Scholarship Foundation

Mohsen Grayeli serves as owner and president of ASAP, LLC, a holding company founded in 2003, which invests in residential real estate and home remodeling services. Outside of his professional responsibilities, Mohsen Grayeli is an active supporter of several charities including the Iranian Scholarship Foundation (ISF).

Based in California and run mainly by volunteers, the ISF is a non-profit organization that provides scholarships to students of Iranian descent who exhibit exceptional academic potential, dedication to community service, and significant economic need. The organization provides several types of scholarships specifically intended for undergraduate applicants. Through the years, the ISF has partnered with several Iranian-American philanthropists who have set up scholarship funds for deserving students.

One of these scholarship funds is facilitated through the Momeni Family Foundation. Every year, the foundation provides ten scholarships in amounts between $500 and $1000 to graduating high school students and current college students of all levels from undergraduate to PhD, regardless of their country of residence. On top of this, the foundation provides three additional scholarships to graduating high school seniors who have achieved permanent residency status in the United States.