Persian Cuisine – Festive Fesenjan and Beyond

Fesenjan pic


Mohsen Grayeli is a respected Washington, D.C., business executive who guides ASAP Construction Management, LLC, as president. An avid traveler, Mohsen Grayeli particularly enjoys sampling dishes in countries he travels to and considers Italian and Persian among his favorite cuisines.

Encompassing present day Iran, Persian cuisine is diverse and regionally defined, with wheat a basic ingredient and chicken, lamb, and yoghurt common. A unifying aspect is a sour flavor that comes through the addition of pomegranates and citrus fruits such as sour oranges and lemons.

One of the most distinctive Persian dishes is fesenjan, which is associated with wedding celebrations and involves a slow simmer of pomegranate paste, onions, and ground walnuts. With cinnamon and saffron added to the thick sauce, along with sugar as an acid balancer, fesenjan is typically served alongside duck or chicken.

Other popular Persian dishes include the tomato and eggplant stew bademjan, and ash-e reshteh, which combines beans and noodles with greens and herbs. The dish is topped with fermented whey, or kashk, which has a sour flavor similar to yoghurt.